J. Rockett Audio Designs Artist Roster

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for everyone who plays our pedals and not just notable artists.  We appreciate ever single one of you and hope the products live up to your expectations.

The below roster shows a list of some pretty amazing players that at some point or another have been a great influence to us here at J. Rockett Audio Designs.

Andy Johns (R.I.P.)

John Scofield

Allan Holdsworth

Lyle Workman

Peter Stroud

Hi Chris,
Years back, David Wilson of Tonequest passed on to me your Rockett Boost. I wanted to reach out after this long...lol!! I apologize for having not reached out to you before now. I have always been impressed with this pedal and used it on tour after receiving it from David as a front end tone boost to my rig. Just today I pulled it back out to record with.. I must say it's tonal complexity is beautiful. I simply plugged it into my Logic DAW using the amps in the box and it brought the tone to life.
Very Best Regards

Jerry Douglas

Danny Radar

Joe West

Tim Pierce

Guthrie Trapp

Phil Brown

Josh Smith

Kirk Fletcher

Shawn Tubbs

Michael Britt

Mike Tramp

Stephen Housden

Mark Lettieri

Ford Thurston

Chase Bryant (Yaklin)

Jason Jordon

Kurt Rosenwinkel

Jay Gore

Frencesco DiCosmo

Jeff McErlain

Daran Deshazo

Mark Cuthbertson

Noel Johnston

Brian Young

Boo Massey

Andy Most

Gary Patrick