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J. Rockett Audio Designs Signature Products

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We get many questions on why we choose to get behind artists that are not so well known at least to the masses.  It is typical for a company to create signature products for mega stars simply for notariety and sales which is great.  Often this can be a very expensive venture but it is effective.  

Phil Brown Signature OD/Boost...tone machine

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J. Rockett Audio Designs 


Mark Sampson a pedal???? you bet!!!


This is the long awaited Mark Sampson design and J.RAD Design to create or recreate one of the most legendary sounds of our time.  The sound we were going for was the channel 2 of a Matchless DC30 or a Matchless Lightening.  This took many back and forth's but this final iteration is simply incredible. Here is a tone that really inspired this direction and of course it is a Matchless Lightning!!!  Audley is a contributing factor as well....great player!!

Allan Holdsworth Signature Boost/OD Demo

Allan Holdswoth Signature OD/Boost

Everyone asks what we were trying to achieve on this pedal.  To answer that we really just defer to what Allan was looking for.  Allan needed a versatile pedal that could compensate for different backlines.  He feels that 4x12 cabs are a bit boomy so with the low and hi emphasis switch and treble/fat switch he had options.  On the other hand he feeels that 1x12 cabs are too thin so the  pedal functions really allow him to work with whatever backlines were presented.

Don Ross - Amazing Guitar


I love this stuff, Andy Mckee and the other crazy Michael Hedges offspring!!



Great story! You can also view this vid on our front page

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Phil Brown playing his new Animal OD.


KLON Pedal & Rockett Pedals- Debut at NAMM

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I know that the new Klon debut has created a lot of buzz and uproar.  Please be aware of the fact that Rockett is simply sharing a booth with Klon to help Bill debut the Klon with a bang.

The Naylor Amp Story - Tone Mojo at its finest

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By Dave King owner of Naylor amps:

How To Get the Most Out of Your Overdrive Pedal

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We get asked on a daily basis which pedals sound the best.  That is always a hard one to answer because it is such a personal thing.  It depends on what you like, what amp/guitar/pickup combo you have, what speaker you have, what strings you use, how you set your amp and on and on and on.

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