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Mark Sampson a pedal???? you bet!!!


This is the long awaited Mark Sampson design and J.RAD Design to create or recreate one of the most legendary sounds of our time.  The sound we were going for was the channel 2 of a Matchless DC30 or a Matchless Lightening.  This took many back and forth's but this final iteration is simply incredible. Here is a tone that really inspired this direction and of course it is a Matchless Lightning!!!  Audley is a contributing factor as well....great player!!

The first video features Phil brown and some other guy "cvt" demoing the DC30 pedal through a Naylor SD100 into a Naylor cab with Naylor speakers.  Suffice it to far from a Vox or Matchless as you can get.  Phil and I were absolutely blown away by the authenticity of the sound.  The original concept was to create that Beatles jangly sound.  This thing does that in spades but you can also get Vox AC30, AC15 and even AC50 sounds in certain settings.

It is not an overdrive or distortion in any way it is actually a recreation of the actual DC30 circuit with transistors instead of tubes....for the most part....;-)  The DC30 was based on that legendary Vox tone but Matchless really did have its own vibe and sound.

This is just a sneak preview so no photos are available but it will look good when finished!!!

The controls are as follows:  Just like a Top Boost circuit it has bass and treble controls, cut control, volume and a special feature that we have yet to name but is the secret sauce for those AC50 sounds.

We are working as fast as possible for this to get to market but meanwhile....I get to enjoy the only one around!!







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