Master Built Series


Rockett Boost $549

Rockett Boost Copper

Copper - RETIRED

Rockett Boost $549

Rockett Boost Gun Metal

Gun Metal - RETIRED

Afterburner $499

Rockett Boost Black Crinkle

Black Crinkle - RETIRED

Hi All,

I wanted to thank you two for the incredible service and support in status, transaction, and response! Both Rockett pedals are absolutely incredible and although the price was steep, the combination and tweakabilty of these two pedals can very well replace 4 of my overdrives and 2 boosters. The Afterburner is a real joy to play and it reminds me of the Rockbox and Seed of Life (what can I say, I really enjoy boutique Super Screamer variants), however, I found the Afterburner to be much more versatile with the additional Hi Cut and well tuned Bass Boost (so many times, I've played pedals that had far too dramatic of an increase in bass). The most impressive thing about the pedal is the amount of clarity. Typically, I would run a booster after overdrives to further fine tune the EQ (resolve some of the nasally decay or tighten up the bass), but with the is just so clear and has a very natural, amp like decay.

Thanks again for such incredible pedals! Please, please expand on the Masterbuilt Line!