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New products that are in stores now:


1.  Hightop - By Mark Sampson

2.  Revolver - By Mark Sampson

3.  Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost

4.  LED BOOTS - Phil Brown Signature OD/Boost





describe the imageLook for the new Guthrie Trapp Signature OD in stores now.  The pedal has tone for days and is as transparent as you can ask for.  

The pedal was a collaboration of J. Rockett Audio Designs and Guthrie to achieve Guthrie's personal/signature tone tone.  Subscribe to our news letter to see the full Guthrie Trapp Signature OD demo.

Guthrie Trapp was born Feb 3 1979 in Pensacola, FL. and raised on the Florida/Alabama gulf coast. His family had a great love for music and was exposed to many genres from a young age. Guthrie started playing blues harmonica at age 7 with his uncle and at 10 moved on to guitar with mandolin following soon after. At 13 he joined a local bluegrass group playing lead guitar and mandolin. They played local and regional festivals and clubs up and down the gulf coast. At 15 and 16 Guthrie won the Alabama guitar and mandolin competitions two years in a row. Also at 16, he accompanied folk legend Tom Paxton and opened for John McCutchen with uncle Jerry Trapp. Guthrie started playing with Gove Scrivenor in 1995. They played for several years together doing club dates college concerts and opened for such acts as Richie Havens and Al Stewart. In 1997 Guthrie did his first master session in Nashville on Gove's "Shine on" album for No Age records. Young Guthrie was in good company on this record with John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Lari White and Ray Flacke. Also in 1997, Guthrie joined up with Nick Branch to form the Filthy Rich band. This band ruled the gulf coast for years playing original music and blues, swing and roots covers. They headlined festivals and clubs regionally and overseas. At age 22 guthrie moved to Nashville. He soon began playing with the Don Kelley band at Roberts on Broadway. During this time he got picked up by country artist Patty Loveless. Playing with her for two years landed him in the studio on two of her latest records the latest one was nominated for a Grammy this year. Guthrie then joined the Jerry Douglas band. Touring with Jerry for three years also landed him in the studio on two records.One of which, "Glide", was nominated for a Grammy this year. The JDB supported Paul Simon for a three month tour as well as touring extensively through out the US, Canada and the UK. Doing such venues as the Blue Note in NYC, the Monteal Jazz fest and Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Guthrie continues to live in Nashville where he is in demand as a performing and session musician on acoustic/electric guitars and mandolin. Playing many styles with incredible authenticity and taste have landed him on stage or in the studio with a whos who of artists and musicians such as; Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss, John Oates, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Travis Tritt, George Jones, Bobby Bare, Jerry Douglas, Roseanne Cash, Vassar Clements, John Cowan, Sam Bush, Tony Rice, Earl Skruggs, Albert Lee, "Cowboy" Jack Clement, Taylor Hicks, Gary Nicholson, Carl Jackson, Emory Gordy Jr., Barry Beckett, Bob Babbit, Willie Weeks, Danny Flowers, Greg Brown, Tom Paxton, Shanna Morrison, and The Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo.

Rockett and Mark Sampson - NEW STEREO VIBE PEDAL


As a special item we will be displaying at the 2012 NAMM show the prototype of the new Mark Sampson stereo vibe, Booth #1112 (Hall E downstairs).  This is based on the original Maggy vibe which is unique to just about any vibe on the market.  The Samspon version will pulse up on the left and down on the right.

I had a chance to play an earlier version that Mark designed and was completely addicted to it.  The stereo effect is unlike anything I have ever heard.  We are really looking forward to this one since this is direction we have not yet gone with Rockett.



We will also be displaying the TOP boost pedal that Mark Has created as well.  The top Boost pedal is sort of a hybrid of the first channel of a DC30 and a classic Top Boost.  If you are looking for that jangly Beatles sound this will do that in spades.  It also has a mid boost and a boost section.  It is really quite uniqe and hopefully addresses the needs of those looking for an authentic recreation of this desired sound.

This one really helped me get that Brad Paisley tone even out of a Marshall.  I do have a bevy of Voxy amps such as an Xits X50s and Star Celestial and surprisingly it does not become a redundant item.  It just Voxifies even more!!

Mark Sampson Top Boost/DC30

The legendary overdrive/boost pedal KLON/Mark Sampson



 describe the image


Hey everyone, we will be at NAMM booth #1112 downstairs in Hall E.  Come see the new Rockett releases:

1.  Allan Holdsworth Signature OD/Boost

2.  WTF Fuzz

3.  Alien Echo

4.  Mark Sampson prototype Top Boost/DC 30 pedal (Great Vox Tones)

5.  Mark Sampson prototype stereo vibe (Based on the classic Magnatone Vibe)

6.  Lex Bos Super Drive - yikes...scary good!!

Also, come check out the latest from Naylor Engineering.  We will have the legendary Super Drive 60 and the Duel Drive 60 on display.

Lastly come and check out the debut of the new KLON.  Bill Finnegan is joining us at our booth so come meet Bill and see what he has finally finished!!


See you there


New fun boxes!!! Delay, Fuzz and Holdsworth OD


New Releases set for Late November!!!

Coming up we have the new WTF fuzz based on the famous Paul Trobetta Designs Minibone. This is the fuzz for those who do not like fuzzes.  Go from and Eric Johnson type violin tone all the way to crazy random octave madness.  Check out the video page!!!


Also, we have the new Alien Echo.   This new echo will go from dark analog to crisp tape delay sounds.  It has a great built in random modualtion so you can really emmulate tape warble.


Last we have the new Allan Holdsworth signature OD.  This is an OD and Boost in one pedal.  It sounds amazing, just what you would expect from Allan.  We worked for many months with Allan to get this thing exactly where he likes it....we are excited.

September 2010


We have some unbelievable co-designs coming up as well but we can’t officially make the announcement. Let’s just say it is with two of the biggest legends in the music industry (On the design side).


September 2010


The new delay is getting closer, just a few tweaks and it is ready for production. We have the prototype S.O.S. Buffer almost ready to go as well.

August 2010


The second collaboration is with the legendary fuzz guru Paul Trombetta. We have jointly created a new fuzz pedal called the Stage 5 Fuzz. The new fuzz incorporates similar topology as the infamous PTD fuzzes but also has very useable features such as a foot switchable boost section. This is truly an  amazing fuzz that can go from smooth singing OD to flat out awesome random octave lunacy. No matter what position you choose on the 5 position rotary knob or "Stage 5" selector you can always back off your volume and clean up perfectly without having to foot switch or manually adjust anything. Look for the new fuzz in about 30 days!!

August 2010


Rockett Pedals would like to announce two collaborations for two new designs.

First we have joined forces once again with Tim Jauernig to create our new Josh Smith Dual Trem. The JSDT is a very musical trem reminiscent of the old school brown face trems. The goal was to give you a very smooth, subtle effect. The JSDT was designed for very effective stage use allowing for the player to concentrate more on playing rather than foot switching. Josh gave us very valuable input toward what he felt was perfect for him. Look for some Josh Smith videos soon.

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